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At, you do not have to be a lesbian, a stem, or stud or butch, or any other label the world has chosen to divide you from your people. Join to meet women who love women!
We love playing with women, talking to women, vacationing with women, exercising with women, dating women, planning events with women, supporting women, encouraging women, celebrating with women, getting esoteric and spiritual with women, sharing with women, teaching and learning from women.

This website is a free site, created by The HIP Team to serve Fans of our Secret of the Pearl program, suspended due to Covid. We will keep you posted about on Valentine's events and Secret of the Pearl Videos and Books.

Meet us in Houston for a Pussy Willow Double Feature with The Head Doctor, The Hood Doctor and Eboni Amore at The Montrose Center 4/7/22 and with the LGBT Marriage Club on 4/8/22 at The White Hall.

Locate some of our esteemed HIP Team Members who offer specialized services for women, like Yoga Instructor and Therapist Like The Hood Doctor, Ami Brown, only her top half is Lesbian.

If you would like our support on a project, please let us know.

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